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tradasia 500 visitors/day.
tradasia 50 asian suppliers list ordered per day by our visitors.
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(vendre chine,fournisseur chine)
tradasia Number one on Chinese-French B2B field.


tradasia 60 visitors/day

tradasia Provide services for french.


tradasia 120 visitors a day . Provide web site in chinese (trad and simp) or in english to french speaking companies .






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Number 1 on our sector with, we provide to our visitors:

tradasia Some services Intended to facilitate the access of the Chinese business world to the French-speaking people (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Africa).

tradasia Some council to the French companies which wish to penetrate the Chinese market.

tradasia Many lists of Chinese, Taiwanese and hongkonese suppliers on all the subjects. These lists are ordered each day by more than 20 French speaking people and connect Asian manufacturers with French speaking buyers .


We provide also through

the possibility to build chinese and/or english web site for french companies which have only french web site . A chinese web site for present their products or service allow them to penetrate the chinese market on more easy ways ... is also a website in french from TRADASIA Ltd group which provide exclusive services for french speaking world : Research on chinese web site and in Chinese , suppliers research ....


Tradasia Limited is a specialist in B2B relations between the Chinese and French-speaking world.


Tradasia Ltd is launching a new web site : . This web site , in french , provide suppliers lists and

councils .If you wish to appear on the suppliers list , please contact us and we will put your company in our list in French: This service is free.


If you are an Asian manufacturer or wholesaler/trader and wish to appear on our lists in french please contact us by specifying us your branch , Internet site and contact: This service is free.









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